I am passionate about food. Anyone would say so. I enjoy finding new ways to challenge myself in the kitchen (both at work and at home) and elevating my palate with exciting new culinary experiences. I love to make food beautiful, because I believe you eat first with your eyes. Beautiful presentations make for a better meal, no question about it.

Food has a way of bringing people together. Family meals at your grandparents’ house when everyone would come together from everywhere to sit at that table and break bread. It was a tradition. Unfortunately, it is also a tradition that seems to be dwindling in many places.

We have an ever increasing responsibility to the people who do not have enough to feed themselves. I am not just talking about the people half a world away who we can see on the television drinking the same water they bathe in and how 5 cents a day can feed and clothe them. I’m talking about the people who live down the street from you. The ones working minimum wage jobs and try to feed their family on what food stamps provide. The ones living in farming communities who don’t have access to the foods they grow because big business ships it to other areas and leaves them with canned goods and sugar and salt laden filler foods.

Our children are unhealthy. They spend too much time being sedentary, playing video games rather than playing in the sunshine and dirt, while their diets are packed with fat and sugar.

The government subsidizes those crops that fit the needs of their largest contributors. The FDA and USDA are meant to protect us, yet they employ former lobbyists and executives from companies in the private sector who want to protect big business rather than the citizens who depend on them.

Change has to come, and it is up to each of us to do our part.

So, this blog’s intention is to investigate those things about which I am most passionate ~ food, community responsibility, sustainability, and food security. I hope to educate those who are not yet familiar with the challenges we face, and I will strive to make a difference, no matter how small. I feel I have a responsibility to myself to be the best I can be at my craft every day. So, that means I have to possess the courage of my convictions, doesn’t it?

Anyone want to come along for the ride?

It’ll be a long one. Change never happens overnight. But I can promise that the view will be nice and your bellies will be full… of food for thought, if nothing else.

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My most precious memories are all connected with food in some way, whether the thoughts take me back to my grandmother's kitchen, or to a celebration with friends in a fabulous restaurant in NYC. I am a chef, and I not only enjoy trying new recipes and flavors from all over the world, but I am also committed to sustainability and helping others find food security in a world that has too many mouths to feed, an abundance of ignorant waste, and too many who don't know where they will find their next meal…

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